2017 Goals? Take the First Steps!

Need an extra edge to accomplish that goal you never thought you could? Here are ways to dig deep and achieve anything you set your mind to!      

  • Accountability: Are you holding yourselfaccountable for your goals? The first step is to write your goals down on paper. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your finest stationery or a paper napkin, having your goals down in writing is critical to the self enabler thought process. Next step? Show it to someone you trust. This helps to keep you on track and provides a reference point that you can come back to when you’re faced with the inevitable obstacles that will come your way.
  • Action: What good is a plan with no action? Create an action plan and break it down into manageable chunks, with mini-goals (and rewards) along the way to help keep you motivated. Once you start achieving the smaller goals, it will inspire you to keep going and work towards achieving the next one.
  • How bad do you want it?: Be prepared to be uncomfortable…that is, if you want to be.  Are you willing to sacrifice the things that you love the most?  Will that jumbo jelly donut help get you in that cute two piece you’ve vowed to debut this summer? Try to imagine the worst possible scenario or obstacle and create a plan to jump those hurdles.
  • Be ready for the long haul: Most goals are not achieved overnight, unless your name is Justin Bieber and you have an impeccable head of hair. But even he had to start somewhere and took the first step toward his goal. Don’t be that person that says “I don’t have time” or “this is taking too long”, be willing to let it take as long as it takes. By preparing yourself for the long haul ahead of time, finding the inspiration from within will become easier.
  • Visualize the finish line: A favorite of motivational coaches everywhere! Visualize yourself achieving your goal. Use your senses-what does the end result look and feel like? Imagining the sweet taste of victory will put up a roadblock against any negative thinking or action.
  • Don’t give up!: It never fails that when we are closest to our goals is the time we decide to let it all go to the wayside. Do what it takes to make it through. All the pain, suffering, blood, sweat and tears are all worth it in the end.  Your journey can also serve as an inspiration to someone else.

There’s an old adage that says “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there”, so setting a course of action for your goals will keep you in the driver’s seat and on the right road. Feel free to share some of your goal setting techniques!