Disconnect to Reconnect

Contributor: Serita Belton

My iPhone 7 Plus is by my side every moment of the day because my whole life is housed in that 5.5 inch device. I even have several apps that are meant for Meditation, Reflection, Exercise, and Journaling. (Check below for some of my favorite apps.) But sometimes we have to completely disconnect to connect. But is it really possible to completely disconnect? Well for me it isn't possible to completely disconnect....so the do not disturb feature on my iPhone is as close as I can get to disconnecting. 

The do not disturb feature allows me to cut out some of the nose that comes with having a mobile phone with you every moment of the day. The feature mutes any notifications, text messages, and unwanted calls. The only thing that can come through is a call from someone in your favorite list of callers. Yes, I have a few people in my favorites list that have to be able to reach me at all times. The pleasure of being a mommy! 

In order to keep my calm I try to give myself one day a week where I partially disconnect from the world on my tems. Usually that day is a Saturday when I choose to stay home and completely relax and get back in tune with me. Taking the time for myself to connect is key to maintaining a healthly happy me.

There are also times when I use certain apps to get connected as well....here are a few I use.

Calm - a guided meditation app

Day One - a journaling app

When is the last time that you took some time to get connected?