3 Beauty Apps for your Summer Time Fine

Summer is here and ladies we all wanna look good, right? We sure do! 

So the question is...how can we beat the heat and STILL look beat?? No worries-check out some of my go-to beauty apps for inspiration:



BeautyLish is a must have app if you're looking for the latest trends in beauty and makeup. There are DIY videos included that help you in creating your own look and anything you see you can buy instantly on the app. 


Indulge Nail App


Okay so.....how many times have you walked into the nail salon and found the bomb color for your nails and feet.....only to forget the damn name on the bottle?!?! I know I'm not by myself here! Lucky for us Indulge is here to save us from ourselves. This app allows you to scan your fave color at the salon and it saves all the details for your future visits. You can also upload photos of your fresh mani/pedi onto the app and share your looks with friends if you like!   


Plum Perfect

plum perfect.png

This is really one of my favorite apps! Plum Perfect is....well....simply perfect! As a woman of color, finding the right shades of foundation and powder can be a struggle. Not to mention finding something that will let my skin breathe which is super important in the summer (all year around to be exact). On this app, I can upload photos of my face and it analyzes my complexion and creates the perfect match for my skin tone, hair, eyes and lips. The product suggestions are on point and I use them on a daily basis for the most part.     


This is just a short list of my faves, but what are some of yours? Have you tried any of the ones here? Let me know your thoughts.

Here's to a beautiful YOU this summer!