An Apple a Day....

by Contributor Serita Belton

IPhone, IPad, MacBook, Oh My!

Everyone knows that I am an Apple fan! Most days, my purse is filled with Apple products.

So what's in my bag? Of course I have an iPhone X, Air pods, iPad, and an Apple Pencil. Occasionally the MacBook comes along too. 

IMG-2483 (1).JPG

WHY do I have all this stuff with me all the time? Well, it's pretty simple yet strategic at the same time. 

iPhone X - well this is common sense. I need my phone with me all the time because I run a business that requires me to stay connected and I have a teenaged daughter. 

Air Pods - these are one of my favorite Apple products! I am an introvert and I love to zone out when I am grocery shopping or working out. I'll pop the Airpods in my ears and instantly I am lost in the words of a book or music. No, they have never fallen out of my ears. These are also a must- have with the Apple Watch (yes, I have that too).


IPad and Apple Pencil - Working with my clients I have to constantly take notes about their design needs. So I recently purchased the new iPad and an Apple Pencil to eliminate carrying so many different notebooks.

Y'all...these are the best things I have purchased for my business in 2018. I use the Evernote app, and write all my client notes right in my iPad. I never have to worry about running out of paper now! The pencil takes some getting use to and the different apps makes a difference in how the pencil writes. Evernote is the best for me because I like the feel of writing in that app with the pencil and I can access my notes across all my devices.

See, I told you it was pretty simple and there is a strategy behind it all. I am forever a fan of the  Apple brand and they are geniuses at branding and connecting with their audience!