Feelin' Revitalized with Revital U Coffee

I. Love. Coffee! (in my Oprah Winfrey voice)

There's just something about that first cup in the morning that's so uplifting and really gets my day going. I feel energized and ready to tackle my day.   

Work Hard, Live Leisurely....and Enjoy a Great Cup of Coffee

I do have a short list of coffee faves, but  I'm always down to try out some new ones for a little variety. I was recently introduced to a brand by my friend Danielle that I'd heard about a couple of months ago, so I finally had the opportunity to try it out for myself!


ru brew.jpg

Revital U is a unique blend of coffee for sure. The science behind it is to help you lose weight while not having to make any radical diet changes....or give up a good cup of coffee. Each serving of their product contains 100 milligrams of caffeine, which is a basically a regular ounce 8 ounce cup of coffee.

So how did Revital U work for me?

After 2 weeks of trying it out, I have to say that I really liked it! It does what it claims to do. I felt more focused and energetic and I made it a point to calculate the exact moment I felt the effects kicking in....took approx. 5 minutes after my first few sips, not bad at all!

I purposely took it over a  2 week timeframe where I knew I'd be super busy and this coffee did not disappoint, I crushed my to-do list! I immediately felt WIDE AWAKE, focused, energized....and who doesn't mind losing a couple pounds in the process? I lost 3 to be exact (*doing my happy dance*).   

revital u.jpg

Now I know this "smart" coffee isn't for everyone, but I did like the fact that it kick started my metabolism and helped to suppress my appetite, much to my inner fat kid's dismay. The energy effects alone were a big selling point for me. And guess what? The company is based right here in the DFW Metroplex!

My suggestion? Give Revital U a try for yourself and see how it works for you!  

Did I mention you can try it for free? Just follow @revitaluwithme on Instagram and Facebook or email them at mailto:revitaluwithme@gmail.com.

*Disclaimer: I received complimentary samples of the product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.*