#My Life: As a Lifestyle Ambassador!

I've noticed that I've spent much of my blog sharing my experiences with food and things happening around Dallas. So I thought I'd share another great venture of mine which is being an Ambassador for great lifestyle brands and products.

One of my favorite adventures from this year is being one of a select few bloggers whose blogging hustle was captured on film with DTV Unleashed, an incredible Dallas based production company. The project is called IBlog and is a candid look at the life and times of a select group of Dallas Lifestyle Bloggers.

Back in January, I was chosen as the Lifestyle Ambassador for The Prototype, a Lifestyle Management and Concierge Service. If you haven't checked them out yet, please do!

I always embrace any chance I get to represent my two passions which of course are blogging, and the other is planning events!

As The Prototype Ambassador I had the honor of hosting an intimate Bloggers Brunch aptly titled "Under The Influence"-see what I did there? (*smiles*)   

It was an amazing experience that I still hear about to this day which of course makes me so happy! Check out the first episode of IBlog featuring me and the great time had by all at Under The Influence!            

DTV Unleashed original, "IBlog" highlights bloggers/influences that are making their footprint in today's world. This segment of "Iblog" features Danyel Buie, as she hosts #UnderthetheInfluence brunch presented by The Prototype that took place earlier this year in beautiful Dallas, Texas. She proudly served as brand ambassador to this amazing PR firm.