Nailed It: Meet the World's First Prosecco Infused Nail Polish!

Getting buzzed at the nail salon will take on a whole new meaning thanks to the latest beauty craze! 

Groupon UK is launching a delightfully bubbly new nail polish, just in time for Mother's Day. The polish comes with it its own twist (unfortunately not of lemon or lime)-it looks, smells AND tastes like Prosecco. Yes you heard me correctly, it's an EDIBLE nail polish! 

Groupon boasts that the nail varnish has an exquisite gold lustre, and gives you the fun flavor you'd expect from the brunch favorite without a messy hangover the next day. Sounds good so far, right? 

So let's get back to this edible piece.'s still nail polish?? There's still propylene glycol, shellac E904, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide and iron oxide for ingredients. Sounds delicious. The site does warn against ingesting the polish like last call at the bar, but occasional nibbling is perfectly okay.

To celebrate the launch of the polish, Groupon is hosting a Mother's Day Competition where you can enter to win a chance at earning a bottle of your very own, of nail polish that is. I sure hope Groupon doesn't mind my multiple entries!