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It’s quite and understatement to say that this world is in a crazy place and it’s a real challenge to find balance these days. It’s taking everything in me just to remember what day of the week it is!

If you’re anything like me and struggling with balance through these difficult times, here are a few things that have kept my sanity in a safe and manageable place::

· Let go of Fear– Some of us feel that if we’re not working or busy every waking moment of the day that something will fall through the cracks and I had to realize that it’s simply not true. Any meaningful productivity and accomplishments you have on your plate are all for not if you’re not in optimal shape and health to handle them. Pay attention to what you feed your mind as well as your body. I’m learning that if I take care of myself first the rest seems to fall into place.

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· Schedule your Work and your Life : Most of us are working from home (some for the first time) and it is an adjustment for sure. Just as you set time to work, be just as intentional at scheduling time for the activities you enjoy. You can recharge and add value to your life through simple activities such as daily exercise or a weekly date or a social activity of your choice. Start planning a vacation, that instantly puts me in a good mood. By creating more personal enjoyment, you will have something to look forward to and that will motivate you to manage your time at work as well.

Set Boundaries : One of my biggest life lessons learned to date is that It’s ok to say NO sometimes. I still struggle with this one from time to time. Invites, after hours calls and emails can wait until tomorrow is what I remind myself. If you make yourself available to all people at all times, you are setting an unfavorable precedent that will cause nothing but stress and anxiety on your end. We truly have enough to concern ourselves with right now.

Check Out : We’ve become creatures of technological habit. Between smartphones, PDA’s and tablets we are constantly bombarded with communication and information on a daily basis. You’d be amazed at how much you will get done if you simply turned these things off. A major part of achieving balance is knowing when to separate work and life, take time for yourself and let voicemail do it’s job. And guess what? The world will still be here when you get back.

I hope these tips are as helpful to you as they are to me. Cheers to more fun, relaxation, peace and productivity!